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History of

Nashville Seniors Invitational Golf Association

In 1973 a group of men belonging to the Country Clubs of Richland, Hillwood, Belle Meade, Brentwood, Old Hickory and Bluegrass formed an organization in which it’s members could play the other clubs on a reciprocal basis. The idea was since everyone was already paying dues to their respective clubs the only charge would be a nominal cart fee. Each club agreed to host the association for two play dates a year. That is how it remains to this day with 15 private clubs.

The Nashville Seniors began playing a regular schedule rotating between the member clubs usually every Thursday in the months between April and October. As the years went by new country clubs came into the association. Several public courses were played on a regular basis.

There were many Presidents of the association who played key roles in growing the group and coordinating the schedule. Most recently was Louis Hullett who devoted eighteen years as the head of the association until 2012. The association now has fifteen country clubs and two public courses that it plays, giving the group an average of thirty play dates a year. In addition to the golf on many of the play dates a lunch buffet is provided rotated every year among the clubs. Our season begins with an opening day luncheon and concludes with a closing night banquet, awards and elections of the officers and board members whose terms have expired.

In recent years it has become the custom to honor all past Presidents and the new incoming President with a Scarlet Jacket to be worn at the Opening Luncheon and year end Grand Banquet.

Current Officers

President: Wayne Stoneback
Vice President: Jeff Ridings
Secretary: Ron Whitlow
Treasurer: John Hamilton
Coordinator: Walter Keith
Board members: Dan Mills, David Uskavitch and Ric Pennisi
Past President: Walter Keith



The Officers of this Association shall be:  President, Vice President, Secretary, Commissioner and Treasurer.  One person may hold two offices except the President shall not hold the office of Vice President.  The officers shall be elected by the majority vote of those present at the annual banquet.  The term of office of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer shall be two years.  These officers, the immediate past living President and three “at large” shall compose the Board of Directors which is the governing body of the Association. The Board of Directors will appoint the Commissioner.


The membership of the Association shall consist of those who are golf certificate members age 50 or older, when accepted from the following Country Clubs: Brentwood, Bluegrass, Fairvue, Foxland Harbor, Governors Club, Hideaway, Hillwood, Legends, Nashville Golf & Athletic, Old Hickory, Old Natchez, Richland, Temple Hills, Westhaven and Five Oaks. Any member shall forfeit his membership in this Association if he discontinues his membership in any of the above Country Clubs before April 1st of the current golf season.


The membership shall be limited to 300 members.  Two members of the Association who are members of different Country Clubs must sponsor each application for membership.


The membership voted at the 1984 fall dinner for past-presidents to become honorary members at the expiration of their term in office.


The By-Laws may be amended by majority vote of those present at the annual banquet.

General Information


The opening luncheon and opening day Business Meeting will be held at The Grove on Thursday March 29, 2018 at 12:00 noon.

Reservations for the luncheon should be made with Wayne Stoneback by team captains two weeks prior to the luncheon.

The closing banquet will be held at Richland Country Club on Thursday November 1, 2018. Drinks begin at 5:30 pm and dinner starts at 6:30 pm.

Reservations for this dinner should be made with Wayne Stoneback by team captains two weeks prior to the dinner.

You can cancel the dinner reservations within seventy-two (72) hours of the banquet. If you make reservations and do not cancel within the seventy-two hours’ notice time frame, you may be charged for the dinner. Please notify Wayne Stoneback via e-mail if you wish to cancel.

Jackets are required for the dinner but ties are optional.

Foretees will provide the names and tee times to the Pro Shop each week one day before the day of play.

The Pro Shop will not have any information about you or your foresome , so do not contact the Pro Shop for your starting time.

No shows or cancellations

You may be charged the fee for each course if you are a “no show” or “cancel without notice.”

If you are sick or have a family emergency on the day of play, please call the pro shop to notify them of your cancellation. Their phone numbers are in the Club section.

Rules of Play

1 USGA rules of play apply except as noted.
2 The 14 club rule does not apply to NSIGA play.
3 Scoring is stroke play. There is a maximum of triple bogey on any hole, after which
you should pick up your ball and proceed to the next hole.
4 You are allowed to move your ball one club length no closer to the hole
5 You may change your ball at any time without penalty.
6 The maximum three putt rule applies. The only gimme allowed is the third putt.  Pick
up your ball after the second putt, and proceed to the next hole (adding 3 putting
strokes to your score). Players wanting to putt out may do so, as long as you do not
hold up play. Your ball must be on the green before the three putt rule takes effect.
You cannot move the ball from the fringe, rough or trap to the green to apply the
three putt rule.
7 If you have a lost ball, there is a one stroke penalty. Place your ball two club lengths
from where it is lost, no closer to the hole.
8 If your shot goes out of bounds, there is a one stroke penalty and you should place
your ball in-bounds, two club lengths from the nearest point where the ball went out
of bounds, no closer to the hole.
9 If a ball goes into a water hazard, there is a one stroke penalty. Place your ball one
club length from where it crossed into the hazard, no closer to the hole.
NSIGA host clubs expect rounds not to exceed 4½ hours (under normal conditions).
All foursomes should play “ready golf.” If there is an open hole in front of you, your
team must speed up play. If you fall more than one hole behind the group in front of
you, wave the group behind you through.
NSIGA members are expected to dress in proper golfing attire. Golf clothing of the type
displayed in our member golf shops is recommended. Collared shirts are required.
tucked into golf pants or shorts. Golf headwear is worn with the bill facing forward.
Golf shoes are required of the non-metallic type.
When an NSIGA round is scheduled on a member’s home course, that member should
register to play only if there are spots open on the last day of registration. This allows
all other NSIGA members to have access to your course.
The suggested tees played by each member are:
Ages 50 – 64     Regular (Member) Tees (next set of tees behind Senior Tees)
Ages 65 – 74      Senior Tees (next set of tees behind Forward Tees)
Ages 75+           Forward Tees (shortest tees on the course)
These are suggested tees. Members can play from any set of tees they choose to
enhance their playing enjoyment. After declaring the set of tees a player wants to play,
those chosen tees must be played for all NSIGA events.
Flights are determined by handicaps. Players with the lowest handicaps are in the 1st
flight, with each succeeding flight having players with progressively higher handicaps.
Prizes will be awarded to players within each flight for low gross and low net scores.
Past members who do not have a GHIN index will have a temporary handicap
determined from the previous year’s average score minus 72.
Members who do not have a GHIN index are not eligible for weekly ball awards until
they establish a GHIN handicap.
NSIGA Handicaps are determined in three steps:
1 Each player’s Handicap Index is obtained from the GHIN system.
2 The average slope rating of the 18 courses played is used to calculate each player’s
Course Handicap, based on the tees played. For 2018, the following average
slopes will be used to determine Course Handicaps:
Regular (Member) Tees: 128 Slope
Senior Tees:                       121 Slope
Forward Tees:                   114 Slope
3 Since players within each flight are competing from different tees, players using the
Regular Tees and the Forward Tees will have their Course Handicaps adjusted to
compete fairly with players using the Senior Tees (per USGA Handicapping Manual,
Section 3-5a, “Players Competing From Different Tees”).
A scheduled round is played rain or shine unless the pro shop cancels the event. If you
withdraw after the registration period closes (3 days prior to the event), please contact
the pro shop directly. Failure to do so will have you on the No Show list.
Rev. 2/14/

Past Presidents

Fred G. Page*
Bernard F. Evers*
J.W. Coles*
Embry Newhouse*
Tom Husband*
E. M. Blankner*
William W. Berry*
Doswell Brown, Jr.*
Charles Dibrell*
Ollie Minton*
David Gary*
Felix E. Durham*
J. Porter Ellis*
Neal M. Bryan*
John McGonagle*
George Gianikas
Louis L. Hullett, Sr.*
Bill Rockholz
Julian (Bud) Zander
Larry Gates*
Tom Teraoka
Jim Edwards
Rick Cochran*
Sonny Woodruff
Walter Keith


Louis B. Hullet Memorial Award

The Louis B. Hullet Memorial Award recognizes individuals who have through their leadership, time and effort given so much to the continued success of our association. This award is given each year at our Grand Banquet.


Don Hinson

Jim Uden

Bobby Burroughs

Jim Redd

David Herbert