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In clinical tials using mtd dos inhals in patints with vsibl bonchospasm associatd with asthma chonic obstuctiv pulmonay disas signiicant impovmnts in pulmonay unction (V 1 incass 15% mo) occud within 15 minuts, achd a pak in 1-2 hous, and psistd appoximatly 4 hous.

Inhalation/nbuliz not indicatd initial tatmnt acut pisods bonchospasm; scu thapy quid.

Th known mtabolits, which a omd by hydolysis, dhydation limination th hydoxy-mthyl goup in th topic acid moity, show vy littl nainity th muscainic cptand hav tb gadd as inctiv.

Tll you doctabout all mdicins you a taking, including y dops. Ask you docti you a taking any anticholingic mdicins bcaus taking thm togth with ATOVNT HA can incas sid cts.

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atrovent ls bromide is a componentof combivent respimat.

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